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Natural Resources


Natural Resources

Natural resources are the materials we get from nature. Humans cannot create these resources. Humans collect these from the Earth naturally and so we call those as natural resources.

Natural Resources as Raw Material

Natural resources can be used to make more complex products that is natural resources are useful raw materials that we can use to make finished products which are useful to us.

  • For example we use wood to make paper, paper products, and furniture. So here, the natural resource wood is raw material.
  • Items in our house are made of using natural resource as raw material. For example- we make bread of wheat, cup of china clay, dishes and other utensils of steel using iron as raw material which is a natural resource.

Forms of Natural Resources

There are many forms of natural resources.

Natural resources may be-

  •  in the form of solid, liquid or gas.
  • metallic or non-metallic.
  • organic or inorganic.
  • renewable or non-renewable.

Soil, water, air, plants and animals meet all needs of human being. Air, water and food are our basic needs. We get food, clothes and shelter from plants. We get food from animals too.

Examples of Natural Resources

Here are some examples of natural resources and what we can get from those resources.

  • Air– wind energy, oxygen for animals, carbon dioxide for plants
  • Water– life that is drinking, cleaning, hydroelectric energy
  • Soil– agriculture, forest, medicinal plants
  • Oil– fuel for vehicles
  • Plants– food (fruits, vegetables), cotton, wood, paper, medicine
  • Animals– food (milk, meat), clothes (wool, leather)
  • Natural gas– cooking, heating, electricity
  • Minerals– glass, cans, jewelry, ceramics
  • Sunlight– solar power, photosynthesis in plants

Depletion of Natural Resources

Recently depletion has become great issue. It is associated with social equity. It causes loss of ecosystem. At present, due to deforestation most of the large trees are cut and it affected directly on the production of medicines as medicinal plants are also cut. Homes of birds and animals are destroyed. So wild animals are entering to human locality. What will they do? We have encroached their places. So let animals and birds live happily, they will let us live happily.

Depletion is also caused by mining, fishing, extraction of petroleum. Depletion of nutrient in the soil is caused by agriculture as too much chemicals are added to soil for more yield.

We should protect our nature from further depletion. We should take some measures at all society levels and not to depend only upon the government.

So take an oath together- This is my nature and I have to protect it!