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3 Enemies of type 2 diabetes

The first of the invisible enemies of type 2 diabetes is the Overactive Lipids that hijack the pancreas –

These lipids when becoming overactive in your system causes the body to go in defense mode.

Those irritated cells then lead to inflammation and unbalanced blood sugar…

That then hijacks the pancreas of functioning as it was meant to.

Have you wondered why you experience so many aches and pains as a type two diabetic?

Indivisible enemy number one these overactive lips is one of the biggest reasons.

Overactive Lipids that hijack the pancreas causing inflammation and high blood sugar levels…

Is only the FIRST of the three invisible enemies.

The second invisible enemy is the fat deposits that strangle your liver a.k.a. “Fatty Liver Disease”

Excess calories leads to excess fat in the liver. As a result, the liver responds poorly to insulin and the body produces too much glucose.
Causing high blood sugar levels.
At the same time excess fat in the liver increases the normal process of export of fat to all tissues.
In the pancreas, this excess fat causes the insulin producing cells to fail.

As mentioned, the third invisible enemy of type 2 diabetes is Low Beta Cell Production.

Beta cells main function is to produce and secrete healthy levels of insulin – the hormone responsible for regulating levels of glucose in the blood.
The big problem associated with type 2 diabetes…
Is that it causes beta cells to stop functioning properly and eventually fading away.
So in order for these beta cells to function they need to be activated again.
So White Mulberry Leaf supports healthy blood sugar levels with a triple threat combo:
By eliminating overacting lipids that hijack the pancreas, removing fat deposits on the Liver and increasing beta cell production.
White Mulberry Leaf is the natural gift that keeps on giving!
It’s properties also include other benefits, such as supporting healthy blood pressure

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