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EMF Defense Pendant Necklace Review

Here is a review of EMF Defense Pendant Necklace – Does It Protect from EMFs? Let’s discuss-

EMF Defense Pendant NecklaceWe are surrounded by EMFs as we daily use so many gadgets. That use is inevitable. Those gadgets give some ease for so many work in our daily life. Those are helpful, but those gadgets and devices can be harmful to our health. We cannot avoid those gadgets, but only we can protect from the EMF radiations emitted by those gadgets we use. We can neutralize the harmful radiations caused by exposure to these gadgets.

There are so many products that help us to protect from EMFs. The following review aims to explain the uniqueness of the EMF Defense Pendant Necklace.

First of all, we shall see what the EMF defense pendant is.

 What is the EMF Defense Pendant Necklace?

As we discussed above, EMFs can be harmful to us. This product is for protecting us from hazardous radiation.

Defense Pendant is a stylish pendant necklace that shields you from Electromagnetic frequency radiations and helps you avoid their dangerous effects.

The pendant necklace is programmed with greater than 30 frequencies that neutralize radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum and prevent various symptoms due to EMF exposure.

It protects you and your loved ones entirely from the harmful EMF waves generated by using TVs, laptop displays, cell phones, and other electronics. All those gadgets have electromagnetic fields around them that may affect your health, causing headaches, weaker immunity, sleep disturbances, fertility problems, joint ache, and muscle aches.

As those gadgets have emerged as a regular and vital part of your life, you want to neutralize the damaging radiations caused by publicity to these devices. As you expose to the electromagnetic fields in the surroundings, you can defend your health with Defense Pendant.

How Does EMF Defense Pendant Necklace Work?

The Defense Pendant absorbs and blocks EMF waves. It consists of minerals that soak up each low-to-mid frequency wave and high-frequency wave. As every mineral’s absorbing and blocking energy is different, they all work together and reduce the amount of radiation absorbed by your body.

These minerals do not actually block or absorb radiation. Instead, however, they promote a gradual loss of force as electromagnetic waves pass through them. That is, the attenuation technique is followed.

For example, attenuation in cables is the loss of signal strength in networking cables or connections.

When exposed to an EMF source, including powerlines or electronics, the Pendant attenuates the electromagnetic field around us. The attenuation is done through the dispersion of photons.

The Defense Pendant decreases the field electricity by dispersing the photons as the radiation passes through.

For attenuation purposes, we should have powerful EMF protection. The defense pendant is powerful enough to defend you from high-frequency EMFs. However, it is more efficient in attenuating low-to-mid frequency EMFs. The electric gadgets usually generate Low-to-mid frequency EMFs. It includes refrigerators, televisions, laptop screens, and vacuum cleaners. These are the most used gadgets in our house.

To block high-frequency EMFs, the Pendant works best with precautionary steps to limit EMF exposure, along with the distance from the supply.

According to the official website, some people have gained pain control, enhanced physical and mental health, better sleep, and less stress. The pendants are large and small, and they are incredibly gorgeous. A Defense Pendant is handy when we’re out, but it also provides protection in our home. They appear as a small bit of fun but protect your body against EMFs throughout the day. As a result, you may feel centered, peaceful, and energetic.

Defense Pendant Features

EMF Defense Pendant Colors and Sizes

Here are some of the features of Defense Pendant. Let’s have a look-

Quality You Can Feel.

When you hold your Defense Pendant, you’ll immediately feel the solid weight of its specially designed center.

Between the sleek front and back layers, a disk of black tourmaline along with 36 other minerals is hidden.

This is the “magic” that generates 10,000 negative ions to balance your personal electric field.

The minerals in the pendant work permanently, so you’ll be protected for years to come.

3 Colors To Choose From

Each Pendant comes in a gift box with a certificate of authenticity and its own ID number.

You can choose from rose gold, silver, or gold tone.


There are two sizes- 29mm and 35mm.

  • The 29mm pendant weighs 20 grams, and
  • the 35mm pendant weighs 30 grams.

Price and Where to buy:

Buy Now- EMF Defense Pendant 

You can purchase the Defense Pendant on its official website. The price is $99. After you have purchased a Defense Pendant, your order would be entitled to a 90-day cash back guarantee. There is no risk at all in trying. The return policy countdown starts on the day your purchase is received and concludes 90 days afterward. The company is offering an even deeper discount when you buy three or more Defense Pendants!


♥♥♥AN ADDITIONAL 20% OFF!!! ♥♥♥


1x Pendant

1x Chain

1x Presentation Box

Certificate of Authenticity 


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